Dat Debil "Bob"... Him de one make us do dis stuff !  &  
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Dat Debil "Bob"... Him de one make us do dis stuff !

The Gallery Of Shame

"Walter" Walter "Carpet" Col Dr. "Cannon" Raptor Ramjet
This one's going out for the ladies !!!! I've only had one small sherry and a slice of battenburg  - Honest ! Goo Goo..... Ga Ga....... Dribble Dribble..... Hej !  Jag är en galen man.......
Vocals ! Vocals ! Vocals ! (no spoons) Bass, Vocals and occasional Euphonium Drums, Vocals plus repentant Cor Anglais Guitars,Elecktrickery and washboard

Now if only we had a camera between us (or could be bothered to take up the offers to borrow one) we might be able to post some more up to date pictures, but you wouldn't thank us for it would you ? This being the case you'll have to settle for this load of old rubbish showing that, whatever else you can say about us, we've never been afeared of looking stupid. I suppose the bad thing about putting up this gallery means that any desirable young ladies who happened to "surf on in by mistake" have now logged off in disgust. But what the heck - we're not going for the teeny bopper market (yet !)

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But seeing as you've found the "secret" gallery we thought it only fair to reward you with a veritable feast of "tunes". So here's a 70 % finished version of our "ever forthcoming" album "Give 'Em Enough Milk" which, as ever, is scheduled to be finished and released "just in time for Xmas". Unfortunately though Walt refuses to be pinned down on which paticular Xmas this will be so you'll just have to keep looking !

As far as the tracks go it's only fair to warn you that most are unfinished, some are awful... but they're all available for your delight so here you go:

Give 'Em Enough Milk (2010 Rough Mixes)

*1 With many apologies to the U.K.Subs

*2 With even more apologies to Paul Henning, Jerry Scoggins, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs !

All Tracks © Walter & The Knobheads 2004

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Wheeee.... an animation for your delight !!!!

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